Unique and Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Dining Table



ANNA brilliantly shows off The Kiva Gemstone platters as a new take on a charger for your dinner plate.  Each of the Kiva Gemstone platters are all unique designs, crafted by mother nature. Each organic shape is framed in either 24k gold or pure silver, and designed to show off your culinary creations without competing with them.  Kiva Platter Large is available for  $595.00 each in 24k Gold or Silver-Plated Gemstones, Crystal, Rose Quartz, Pure Emerald.



Handmade in England with 22kt hand applied details, Melody Rose created a crudité centerpiece that is a wonderful feast for the eyes and as playful as her fine bone china. Inspired by London’s edginess and cooler than cool musical heritage, this range features the now iconic Skull collection with or without it's regal red crown. Shown here are the Melody Rose Skull Dinner plate and Skull in Red Crown Dinner Plate available for $68.00 each or $260.00 for a set of 4. This was paired with the Modern Surrealist Collection which expects the unexpected, from the romantic kissing couple to the cheeky models. Inspired by a love of surrealism and infused with a modern twist, this dramatic collection is both quaint and quirky. Melody Rose Kissing Couple Dinner Plate and Models Dinner Plate are available for $68.00 each or $260.00 for a set of 4.



Not using your champagne glass? Why not use it to dress up your dessert!  Photographed by David Moore, we served dessert in William Yeoward's Corinne Cocktail/Coupe Champagne glass to create a chic dessert that will wow your guests.  We used a delicious flan dessert from Frank and Lupe's across the street and carefully poured it into the Corinne Cocktail/Coupe to personalize our To Go Dessert!  Wiiliam Yeoward's Corinne Cocktail/Coupe is available for $58.00 each.



 Alice Goldsmith Ceramics is inspired by nature, architecture both ancient and modern, her work is timeless and practical, with emphasis on quality and function. Pictured above, Alice Goldsmith brilliantly uses her votive for salt and the pillar candle holder to hold the butter!  Alice Goldsmith 3.25": X 4.25" Pillar Is available for $72.00 each, 4 X 2 pillar is available for $72.00 each, the 3.5" X 1.5" Votive is available for $56.00 each and the 4" plate is available for 48.00 each.  Shown in white but multiple finishes available upon request.

Red Candles


The Sip of Gold champagne goblets by SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG is a combination of porcelain and the finest precious metal. When these tumblers are filled with a drink, hundreds of reflections create the impression of liquid gold that gives the collection its name. The goblets are just as appealing to drink from as they are to look at: delicate and wafer-thin, with a wall thickness of around two millimeters, they sit lightly and elegantly in the hand.  Sip of Gold Goblets range from $258.00 to $284.00 each.

Hot Dogs


Non Sans Raison created Facette, a fabulous container in Limoges porcelain. Destined for fries, it can just as easily take flowers or any other idea from imagination. Photographed by David Moore, we kicked up our ballpark frank a notch with fine china for a meal that appeals to the kid in all of us. The original design and multiple surfaces Facette sits both vertically and horizontally on a plate. Facette is available in all white for $35.00 each or gold trim as shown for $50.00.  Take your standard fixings to a whole new level with the Furstenberg Tapa Bowl for $84.00 each to create a dramatic display of ketchup, mustard and relish!



Hering Berlin Alif Collection wakes up your breakfast with a twist on traditional shapes.  New times call for new forms, and thus, the arabesques of the past soar towards the present so nimbly that the skillfully modernized tendrils of cobalt blue simply turn one's head.  Shown is the Alif Breakfast/Dessert Plate Large for $238.00, the Amuse Bouche Dish is available for $182.00 each, Alif Milk Jug Creamer is available for $152.00 and the Coffee/Tea Cup with Saucer Conical is available for $284.00 each.

Orange Drink


Since of us enjoy our coffee in a mug, why not use those tea cups & saucers you have for soup?  Gazpacho in Poc a Poc's Tea Cup and Saucer make the perfect vessel for a soup starter, no spoons needed!  Poc a Poc in Absolute platinum tea cup and saucer are $185.00 each and Dessert Plate is available for $95.00 each.

Recipe courtesy of Julia Watts

Soak a 2” chunk bread in water.

Add to blender:
2.5 lb (about 6 good sized) tomatoes, quartered
2 fresh garlic cloves quartered
2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2 T sherry vinegar - needs to be sherry for best flavor
Add the bread squeezed out
Blend until smooth.
Then with blender going add
1/2 cup good olive oil
Blend into smooth & creamy

If you want, you can add diced cucumbers and peppers on the side for crunch.

Super simple. Takes almost no time & is always devoured. Super refreshing!