Dress to Impress

Harvest Table!

Bold colors of orange, rust and brown inspired by a bountiful harvest!  The smooth and flawless pebble-inspired placemats hint with holiday sparkle, while the rich pigments in the ombre napkins create chic effect.

Kim Seybert Pebble Placemat in Bronze, Set of 4 is available for $35.00 each, Dip Dye Napkin in Cranberry & Orange, Set of 4 is available for $45.00 each, Dip Dye Napkin in Cranberry & Orange, Set of 4 is available for $45.00 each and Gobble Napkin Ring, Set of 4 is available for $20.00 each.

Bring Manhattan to your Cocktail Table!

Saint-Louis Manhattan Collection is a blend of American inspiration and a French sense of conviviality, introducing the spirit of mixology at home. The collection is resolutely modern, embellished with bevel cuts forming an architectural decoration.  Perfect for any bar or cocktail table!

Saint-Louis Manhattan Cup is available for $325.00 each.

Artistic Table!

Produced in one of the world’s oldest weaving centers, Tabriz textiles are a marvel of color and technique. The artistry of the L’Objet Tabriz collection recalls a stroll through an old world marketplace, with each piece offering a rich tapestry of texture and hues. Made of earthenware with hand-gilded 24K gold accents.

L’OBJET Tabriz Dessert Plates, Set of 4 is available for $280.00 each, Tabriz Rectangular Platter is available for $230.00 each and Hex Champagne Glass in gold leaf is available for $75.00 each.

Natural Elegance!

ANNA, the ultimate marriage of nature with high design, combines premium Italian Marble with polished  gold.  ANNA’s Marble Bud Vase is made from Carrara Marble and Carnico Marble, stones thought to encourage flexibility and positive focus. Fill with fragrant blooms to enhance its natural properties, adding serenity to your home.  ANNA’s marble Dual Candle Holders defy gravity with their tall and graceful form. Pairing premium Italian Carrara Marble with polished gold, these inspire stimulating conversation at dinner tables around the globe. The Circulo Tray made of a hand-carved alabaster base highlights anything set on it.

ANNA Dual Candle Holders Marble/Gold is available for $295.00 each, ANNA Dual Vase Marble/Gold is available for $275.00 each and ANNA by Rablabs Circulo Tray in Bianco and Gold is available for $295.00 each.

Modern Thanksgiving!

Mix it up using luxe metallic in golds and silver with pops of pumpkins.  The round Metafoil Placemat is evocative of sunlight striking glass. Using an innovative hand-done technique, metallic foil is printed on a round placemat creating an organic, splatter effect and an elegant pop to the table!

Kim Seybert Metafoil Placemat , Set of 4 in Taupe & Gold and Taupe & Silver is available for $40.00 each, Luna Napkin in White & Gold, Set of 4 is available for $35.00 each, Glitz Napkin in White, Gold & Silver is available for $30.00 each ,Spray Napkin Ring, Set of 4 in Beige, Taupe & Gray or Pearl Finish is available for $28.00 each.

Dress up your Bar!

The Saint-Louis Manhattan Collection features a cylindrical tumbler with a fine lip and thick base, the double rock was devised for short drinks mixed directly in the glass. It is also suitable for savoring neat alcohol on the rocks.  Pair it with the Manhattan Bitter Bottle an elegant way to present and preserve this concentrated alcohol over time.

Saint-Louis Manhattan Cup is available for $190.00 each and Saint-Louis Bitter Bottle is available for $420.00 each.


Chic Games to Display on any Table!

AERIN’s JENGA® set has brought us a luxurious upgrade to the classic balance game for all the family. The 54 blocks are crafted from beech and are stored in a shagreen box with brass detailing, allowing it to be stored beautifully on a bookshelf or tabletop.

Aerin Shagreen Jenga Set is available for $1100.00 each.

Raku Inspired Table!

From the ancient kilns of the Far East comes the Michael Wainwright USA Raku collection.  A subtle white crackle glaze and a satin grey swatch re-creates a Raku look, but with the durability of stoneware. Inspired by walking barefoot on the beaches and golden dunes of Truro, Cape Cod, Michael created The Truro Collection, capturing the timeless shifting of ocean, wind and sand.  This crystalline glass collection features carved details on a polished background, hand decorated with 24k gold.

Michael Wainwright Raku Dinner is available for $40.00 each,  Raku Bowl with Gold is available for $45.00 each and Truro Gold White Wine is available for $85.00 for a set of 2.

Sophisticated Ambiance!

These matching candleholders are beautifully minimalist in design, with a curving top on a cylindrical base. The polished gold finish reflects the flickering light, emitting a warm, inviting glow. The set is perfect for gifting. This glass hurricane, beautifully shaped and elevated with a wide glass rim, adds a touch of sophistication to a table. Ideal for larger spaces and tables, it works equally well indoors and outdoors.

AERIN Evelina Candleholder, Set of 2 is available for $175.00 each, Gabriel Large Hurricane is available for $195.00 each, Footed Deco Medium Bowl is available for $325.00 each and Gilder Clover Vase Tall is available for $395.00 each.

Add Flare to your Side Table!

Feel good about helping the environment while enjoying your favorite scotch or game.  ANNA’s organically-shaped Afora coasters are hand crafted by artisans who inlay semi-precious agate into reclaimed Milpa Burl wood. Perfect for game night at home, hand crafted by artisan from semi- precious amethyst and reclaimed Milpa Burl wood.

ANNA Afora Dice/Wood Cape Amethyst is available for $295.00 each, Afora Coaster Wood/Agate is available for $125.00 each,  Anna Afora Tic Tac Toe Set is avilable for $995.00 each.

Golden Table!

L’OBJET has patterned the Corde collection after old-world silk cords. Each arched strand on the Corde collection is hand-painted to create a fully-glazed, modern dining pattern. Crafted in Limoges porcelain, these pieces available in white, 24-karat gold, or platinum. The Alchimie collection possesses a seemingly ancient and luxurious patina that brings a timeless glow to any table setting.

L’OBJET Corde Wide Rim Charger in gold is available for $350.00 each, Corde DInner Plate in gold is available for $150.00 each,  Corde Dessert Plate in gold is available for $124.00 each, Corde Cereal Bowl in gold  is available for $100.00, Alichimie Dinner Plate is available in gold is available for $150.00 each, Hex Champagne Glass in gold leaf is available for $75.00 each.

Contact Andrea & Start Shopping

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and odds are you are busily dreaming up your Thanksgiving menu or take out options!   Once the food is taken care of let’s talk about wowing your friends and family with a spectacular centerpiece!

Repurpose those Halloween Pumpkins!

In a few steps you can transform fresh pumpkins for a simple focal point on your table.  Stack pumpkins in varying shades and graduated sizes to create a topiary.  Remove the stems from all but the top pumpkin to create a stable base.  Add fresh greenery such as magnolia leaves or feathery evergreen boughs, to add texture and color around the base of the centerpiece.   Lastly tuck pinecones and nuts into the arrangement to celebrate nature’s bounty!


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